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Положение 144 MHz Meteorscatter-Sprint Contest 2011

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Автор Александр Ивлиев, RU1AA   
Среда, 03 Август 2011

Image2011 contest period:
Date: 12./13. August 2011 Time period for 48 hours: start 12.August 00:00hrs till end 13.August 2011 23:59hrs "UT" (End time of the last complete QSO).

Reference data for 2011 by the IMO.

expected Perseids Maximum 2011: August 13th. 07:09UT  with a expected ZHR of 100.


Logs must be received at the latest by September 15th. 2011. Please send them to: mssprint [at] mmmonvhf.de Subject: MSSPRINT "CALL" The MMMonVHF-Team, in cooperation with the DUBUS and Funk-Telegramm Team, intends to launch this contest to increase the activity on Meteor Scatter, as the Perseids are one of the best Meteor Showers of the year. Note: There are no single or multi operator classes, and no extra points for "QSY QSO's". AM nor FM QSO's are allowed. It is only allowed to participate in one class. The classes are described here below.


Category 1: QRP - Stations who have a set-up which may produce a maximum ERP of 1.5 kW (= 2.5 kW EIRP). An example is a power output of < 100W into an antenna with 11.8dB gain (= 14 dBi). Types of modulation: FSK441/SSB/HSCW

Category 2: QRO - Stations who have a set-up which may produce an ERP of > 1,5 KW (> 2.5kW EIRP). Example: 400W and an antenna with 13dB gain, will give you an ERP of 8 kW (which equals 12 kW EIRP). Types of modulation: FSK441/SSB/HSCW

Category 3: TEAM - Stations with a team of 3 stations working together for a consolidated final result.
Team of 3 -  One team member must be qrp and maximum one team member can be a DXpedition station - DXpedition station means also /p not at his regular home. Each team member must be from a different country. The team has to  pre announce participants and named who's /p and who's qrp/qro to the contest manager latest 11.August 2011 to Этот адрес e-mail защищен от спам-ботов. Чтобы увидеть его, у Вас должен быть включен Java-Script

Calculating the score for a QSO:
The amount of points for a QSO equals the distance in kilometers between you and your partnerstation. For instance: PA3BIY JO22eb wkd EU6MS KO45in = 1637km = 1637 points.

Total score:

The total score equals the sum of each individual score per QSO. For instance: QSO1=1000km + QSO2=1500km + QSO3=1800km = 4300km which means your score will be 4300 points.

Header for logs to be sent in:
CALL: ADRESS: LOCATOR: RIG (P out + Antennaystem): MS-Contest-class (1/2):


DATE - TIME - CALL - RST(s) - RST(r) - LOCATOR - KM / POINTS Please don't forget to provide us the sum of points (which is the total distance covered in the contest!) underneath the list of QSO's.

Conditions to be observed:
You can use the DX-cluster and chat-channels during the contest, only provided that you do not exchange reports or information about the status of the QSO. This rule must be strictly observed, misuse could lead to disqualfication! In order to enhance activity on the band, a DX-cluster could be entered with limited information as follows: "DK5EW 144370 PA4EME JN48JO20" or "PA2DW 144355 CQ for MS SPRINT"

Winner of the contest:

The winner is the station with the highest amount of points. There will be a winner in all three different contest classes. In case of the winner appears to have an equal amount of points than other participants, the position will have to be shared.

Special scoring for outside EU stations:
As it is a world wide contest stations from outside Europe will be listed in the over all and as well in a special outside Europe score list to find the best outside Europe station.


All participants will receive a certificate per class via email. In addition, everyone's result will also be published by mid-November 20xx in the VHF-DX-Portal MMMonVHF, in DUBUS and also in the magazine Funk-Telegramm, edited by Joachim, DL8HCZ / CT1HZE.

Contest Software:

The MS SPRINT contest is now supportet by two kinds of logging software: MS Sprint by Arcom and UcxLog by DL7UCX
More Informations about the software can be found as well in the forum of MMMonVHF.

MS SPRINT contest software actual version 2010-1.0 developed by ARCOM (Ham Office). Download link can be can be found in the forum on MMMonVHF.

UcxLog - Freeware Log and Contest Program now supports as well the MS SPRINT contest in the actual "version 6.59" The software can be found on the homepage http://www.ucxlog.org/ .

With kind regards, DK5EW (MS Sprint Contest Manager) on behalf of the MMMonVHF Team and the DUBUS / Funk-Telegramm Team
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