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2nd Italian E.M.E. Contest "New Modes" 2007, rules

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Написал Дмитрий RA3AQ   
Четверг, 26 Апрель 2007


From 00.00 UTC of 12th May 2007 to 24.00 UTC of 13th May 2007.


50 MHz and up, only via Moon reflection.

Those modes in which message decoding is charged to a computer, whilst validation and QSO management are effected by the human operator.
If during the contest no information has been received or exchanged, specifically regarding frequency and/or calls, the QSO is considered "random", otherwise "assisted" (for that QSO and subsequent ones). "Self spotting" is considered assistance.
During a QSO all information must be obtained only via EME.

Categories for bands 144 and 432 MHz:

Stations are subdivided by power and type of antenna employed. For yagis the total lenght, in wavelenghts, is considered (distance reflector–last director multiplied by the number of yagis in the array), for parabolic reflectors the dish diameter is considered.
At 144 MHz 1 wl = 2,08 meters = 82" = 6' 10"
At 432 MHz 1 wl = 0,694 meters = 27".340

Band 144 MHz (Cat. A, B, C, D, E, F):

Note: Stations with cross yagis or circular polarization are classified separately. For cross yagis counts the sum of the lenght of the longest ones, either H or V.

Yagi Dish Power <350W >350W
up to 5 wl   A B
>5 wl, up to 10 wl <7m (23') B C
>10 wl, up to 20 wl <10m (33') C D
>20 wl, up to 40 wl >10m (33') D E
over 40 wl >14m (46') E F

Band 432 MHz (A, B, C, D, E):

Yagi Dish Power <250W >250W
up to 18 wl   A B
>18 wl, up to 36 wl <3,05m (10') B C
>36 wl, up to 72 wl <4,57m (15') C D
over 72 wl >4,57m (14') D E

Bands 50 MHz, 1,3 GHz and up:
One category per band, independently from power and antenna.

If the first of each category scores less than the first of the lower category, the whole category is moved into the lower.

Points for 2-way QSO's:
Random: 10 points; with italian stations 31 points. Between italian stations 10 points.
Assisted: 3 points; with italian stations 10 points. Between italian stations 3 points.
Italian stations (and foreign stations operating in Italy) will be classified separately from the rest of the world.

The station heard can be inserted as correspondent twice maximum.
Points: 10 for each station heard in QSO, 31 if italian.

To the first of each cathegory. A certificate will be sent to all the partecipants who sent in the log.
If somebody wins more than one cathegory, he gets only one prize and certificates for the other cathegories won, while the prize for these cathegories goes to the second placed and will be so inscribed.

It can be sent also by e-mail to Этот адрес e-mail защищен от спам-ботов. Чтобы увидеть его, у Вас должен быть включен Java-Script (will be confirmed upon reception), or by mail to:
Mario Alberti
Via Privata Maralunga 12
19126 La Spezia

Logs should be sent within 30 days from the contest.
The log must contain a general section with Call, Name, Adress (including e-mail if had), QTH Locator, Band, Cathegory, PA Power, Antenna dimensions and type.
The QSO log must contain Date, Hour, Mode, Call, R (random) or A (assisted), Points, and Total Points.
Comments and other info are welcome.

The Italian E.M.E. Coordinator
Mario Alberti, I1ANP

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