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PJ4EME с 08.06 до 25.06.2007 ЕМЕ

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Написал Сергей ra0acm   
Вторник, 05 Июнь 2007

PE1L and PA3CNX are activating PJ4 Bonaire - locator FK52ud - from June 8th to June 25rd 2007 on 144 MHz  EME. The licence
for Moon Bounce has been issued and the call is PJ4EME.

Rig is 4 x 9 ele WIMO stacked horizontally, TS 2000 + MGF1302 preamp and 1kw from a I0JXX PA.

PJ4EME always TX 1st.
We TX at 144,110 MHz
We RX from 144,111 to 144,113 MHz.
We will listen for JA (with our second receiver) from 144,082 to 144,083 MHz.

June 10th, 0600 - 1000 utc we are QRV 144,062 MHz (simplex) for CW only. We are using 1 minute sequences and PJ4EME will be
TX'ing even minutes.

Please stay on frequency if you called but we answered someone else.
We will take a note of any station calling and will try to work them one after the other.

We have a website at  http://www.emelogger.com/bonaire and we try to give actual information, complete qso's, logssearch and
other details.

We look forward to working as many as possible from Bonaire...cu in a few days.

vy 73 Peter PA3CNX, Rene PE1L

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