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JW Svalbard 144MHz EME

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Автор Rene PE1L   
Среда, 07 Май 2008

PE1L и  PA0ZH будут работать с  JW Svalbard -  JQ78tf - с 5 июня по 9 июня  2008 на 144 MHz EME. Позывной на 144 MHz будет JW5E.


PE1L and PA0ZH are activating JW Svalbard - locator JQ78tf - from June 5th to June 9th 2008 on 144 MHz EME. The call at 144 MHz will be JW5E.
Rig is 2 x 20 xpol dj9bv opt2, TS-2000, gasfet preamp and 2 x GI7B amplifier.

We will TX and RX at 144.110 MHz, for JA we will TX and RX 144.082 (others can call us there as well)

If all is OK we have internet over there and we will announce if we change from 144.110 to 144.082.

Last year PE1L was active as PJ4EME and made 273 qsos (no dupes counted).
Based on that experience a few things.

- Call us when you can receive us.
- Dont stop calling while we are in qso, if we see another station calling during a qso we will skip 73s and will call the next station after we received 73s.
- We start building the station 2 june so its possible we are qrv before 5 june (condx are not looking good before 5 june but maybe we can qso some bigger stations so we have more free time during the weekend with UFB condx).
- We try to be so much qrv as possible, remember we have 24 hrs moon a day (and sun so who needs sleep?).
- After 6 june we will have limited VK-ZL window so VK-ZL pse call us 5 and 6 june.

We have a website at http://www.emelogger.com/svalbard and we try to give actual information, complete qso's, logssearch and other details.

You can find the present JW firstlist at http://www.la8aja.com/vhf/jwfirsts_2m.php still a lot firsts can be made!

We are there till 15 june so stations at MS distance can ask us for FSK441 (our take off will be bad so we need to elevate and it looks like 1700km is max)

In spare and rest time ...
PA0ZH will also be QRV on HF bands in SSB for those who need JW, call will be JW/PA0ZH.
JW/PE1L will be qrv 6 meter and PSK on HF bands.

We look forward to working as many as possible from Svalbard...cu in a few weeks.

vy 73 Rene PE1L and Bouke PA0ZH
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