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JD1BNF Ogasavara QRV Aug. 9-14

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Автор Алексей   
Пятница, 24 Июль 2009

Редкая DXCC страна Ogasavara будет активна ЕМЕ 144/430МГц 9-14 августа 2009г.

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As some of you may know already, I and Makoto, JI5RPT, will be visiting
JD1/o (Ogasawara,) GL:QL17cc to QRV on 2m/432EME.
I obtained a licence, JD1BNF, and will be a main operator for EME, JT
and CW. (Makoto will be mainly on HF/6m)

Date: Aug. 09, 2009 to Aug. 14, 2009.
QRV time for first day could be a bit late as ship arrives there around
1330local and it will take some time to set everything up.

2m 4 x 9 (1.8WL) Yagi (H-Pol) IC910/LNA/HPA
432 4 x 15 (3.2WL) Yagi (H-Pol) IC910/LNA

I will mainly QRV on JT65B for 2m. CW operation is limited, but I'm more
than grad to try as time permits.
Setup for 432 is small. Please do not expect a big signal.
Operation on 6m is limited to Tropo/Es only. NO EME OPERATION is planned.

The site has hilly terrain on east side, so NA/SA window is limited to
nearly 20deg. However, the view for MS is excellent.
MR/MS time table for JD1. (MR is set as EL:15deg. Start time may vary.)
Aug.09 1202 Aug.09 2324
Aug.10 1233 Aug.11 0019
Aug.11 1307 Aug.12 0117
Aug.12 1345 Aug.13 0217
Aug.13 1430 Aug.14 0321

I am planning to be on N0UK chat during operation, if mobile internet
works at the site (It is supposed to work.)
QRG will be announced during operation, but I will be on 144.105 or
144.090 Simplex depending on availability, 432.055 always JD1-1st.
(Please note that I initially announced 432.005 as QRG on MMMoVHF, but I
was suggested to move up a bit, so I changed it.)

I'm looking forward to work with you.
73/88. de JO1LVZ/JD1BNF Yoshihisa 'Hatt' Hattori.
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