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A35RS 2m EME

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Автор Дмитрий RA3AQ   
Вторник, 30 Декабрь 2008

Bob Sutton, ZL1RS будет активен на 144МГц EME из королевства Тонга (AG28hv) с 6 по 15 января 2009 года позывным A35RS.

Частоты и время работы будут сообщены позже

 Hi Chaps,

We are now on our way to Tonga A35.  Brief tests with the portable 2M EME system late last week resulted in a few quick contacts ... my OWN ECHOs were even visible on the "waterfall"!!  The equipment is now packed in a suitcase, and the small 4 bay array has been broken down into a 1.5M long cardboard box for the flight ... I only need to get my 16kg "hand carry" bag with the amplifier past the boarding gate!

More info about operating times and frequencies will be announced here after we get to Tonga and I have the station up and running ... including split frequency operation for JA.  Photos of the site show some bushes and trees to the east, however the moon might be clear of them by 5 degrees elevation allowing a window to Europe at BOTH moonrise AND moonset.  The moonset will be clear down to the horizon and is out over the Pacific Ocean ... this will offer an opportunity for excellent "ground gain".  To avoid QRM, please s-p-r-e-a-d  o-u-t ... the "waterfall" will be set to display signals +- 1kHz of my TX frequency.  Don't be offended if I do not transmit "73" and move on to the next station if there are many callers.

Please spare a thought for my wife who gave up 10kg of her luggage allowance to fit all the EME equipment in!  (How much luggage does she need for a bathing suit and toothbrush anyway?  ;-)

See you off the moon with A35RS from AG28hv!

73 Bob and Barbara

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