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2m EME/MS экпедиция в HB0

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Написал Дмитрий RA3AQ   
Четверг, 13 Сентябрь 2007

Erwin, DK5EW, Erich, DF9UX, Stephan, DK5TE планируют свою первую EME/MS экспедицию в Лихтенштейн.

Аппаратура: 4x10 full elevation/IC-7400(IC-746 запасной), MGF1302, QRO_PA/HA1YA +(BEKO600W запасной усилитель)

Выход в эфир планируется 6-го октября

Позвные будут  HB0/(homecall)

TX: 1.per. 144.116 - RX: 114.116 - 118 MHz

Final info: 

FINAL INFO ! HB0 - DXpedition by DL0HEU contest group
(DF9UX/DK5TE/DK5EW) 06.10. - 08.10.2007

We decided to change freq. for JA/VK window - for now following planed:

-   VK/JA window:   HB0(homecall) 144.095 MHz TX 1.per / RX +/- 1KHz
-   EU/US and rest window: HB0(homecall) 144.116 MHz TX 1.per / RX +/- 1KHz

At Saturday 06.10.2007 the chance is very little to be on moon because
of traveling and RIG setup.
On Sunday 07.10.2007 we will be on moon full day.
On Monday 08.10.2007 only moonrise + 3 hours operation is planned -
after that RIG dismanteling and traveling home.

In times without moon MS + Tropo operating is planned.

Please note freq. may change due to local QRM/QRN situation. Best is
observe MMMonVHF latest news + DXBlog.
We try to have GPRS connection but not clear - if we have GPRS we update
MMMonVHF DXblog and we'll be partly QRV in N0 + ON4KST chat.

Please note also: check what you TX because of lenght of callsigns maybe
WSJT sending not correctly; you may call us without locator !
Please don't call us if we are in QSO ! We may not send 73's after RRR
depending how mni are calling us.
This is our 1. DXpedition and we will give our best - don't blame us if
anything is going wrong.
We are happy if also stations call us who has HB0 allready logged.

vy 73's Erwin/DK5EW

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